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Armchair Travel

Let's relax and enjoy learning about different destinations from home! We are planning a few events and more dates will be announced shortly as we firm up our topics. If you have something you would like to hear about let me know and we can reach out to our special guest presenters. Let's keep dreaming until we can travel again.

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June 4, 2020 at 3:00 pm- Exploring Vancouver Island! 
Happy Hour Journey with Darcie
 Pour yourself a glass of wine, beer, tea or your beverage of choice and join us for a lighthearted inspirational presentation to remind us all just why we love Canada and what it has to offer. We're starting with the culinary and spectacular delights of Vancouver Island. 
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Captivating Castles: Showstopping Structures

These grand, historic fortresses are some of the most beautiful castles across the globe. From France to Germany, and Japan to Morocco, these castles have captivated travellers for centuries. Click photo to view.

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