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Ladies Travel Groups


Welcome to our Ladies trips! We are a group of wonderful and interesting ladies that love to travel. 

Women tend to take care of everyone else around them and can forget to take care of themselves........treat themselves. It is liberating to travel on your own as you only have to worry about yourself. Our groups give you a safe and fun environment for you to have this experience.

We welcome women that are single, married or widowed.  Do you have a spouse that does not like to travel or has no interest in certain destinations? Are you solo and finding that you are having a difficult time finding people to travel with? Join like minded women and start traveling!

Our groups have traveled to many wonderful destinations. Most of our tours are custom and we have private tour buses and guides just for us. A true ladies only experience that is hard to find elsewhere.


Groups are escorted right from Winnipeg. If you live elsewhere in Canada or the U.S. you can join up with us in Winnipeg or Toronto to begin our adventure!

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“Authentic female relationship is when we allow another woman to see our core, go to our core, and risk sharing our souls” 

-Sue Monk Kidd-
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